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dealer servicesAre you an insurance agent or agency looking for leads? We have a full service lead delivery system through our insurance lead site GetInsuranceFast.com. View more info on our agent lead service.

How much are leads?

Lead pricing varies between $5.00 and $15.00 depending on what filters you select. You can change your filters at any time. Please view our lead pricing page for more information.

What type of leads can I get?

We currently offer Automotive Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance, and Life Insurance leads. All of our leads are call verified for accuracy. We strive to supply you with accurate information on customers who have intent to buy!

Can I return a lead?

Yes! Please view our return policy at agents.getinsurancefast.com/returnpolicy. To summarize, if the information provided to you is inaccurate, or the consumer does not have intent to buy, you can get a full refund on that lead. Leads must be returned no later than 10 days after purchase.

How do I pay you?

Payments are made easy and are done via credit or debit card directly through your personal access at agents.getinsuarancefast.com/login. When your account is active you put a deposit into the account. That amount is debited as you receive leads. Once your account is down to $25 you will automatically be re-billed to have sufficient funds to continue receiving leads.

Where do your leads come from?

Consumers who are organically searching for insurance quotes are directed to our multitude of insurance sites through online marketing efforts. Once on the site, potential consumers are directed to our online form to fill out all the necessary information you will need to provide a quote. After the consumer fills out a form they are contacted by our in-house call center to verify the information and consumers intent. From there, filters are applied and the consumer is sent to you.

How are the leads sent to me?

Our standard delivery method is email, however if you currently use any type of lead or quote management system our team of tech gurus can work with that company to hopefully deliver the leads directly to them. You will always have free access to our comprehensive agent portal allowing you to view every lead, leave notes, return leads, and mark which lead were sold and which were not. All leads are emailed to you in real time as well.

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J&M Advertising Grows Again With the Addition of Three New Employees

Tampa Bay advertising firm J&M Advertising continues to expand their operations with the addition of three new full-time employees.

As J&M Advertising’s Online Marketing Specialist, Wes Rock drives our online exposure through SEO and Pay Per Click advertising. With several years in the automotive industry, Wes acquires thousands of leads though conceptualizing, building and managing several search engine marketing campaigns.


Tampa Bay Advertising Agency, J&M Advertising, Experiences 834% Growth Over Past Three Years

Tampa Bay Advertising Firm, J&M Advertising, has increased revenue from $1M to $7.9M over the past 3 years.

The success of J&M Advertising is due to many factors, including the addition of a new call center, internal lead verification services, and a web design and development team focused on generating online leads. J&M Advertising currently focuses on generating leads for the auto and insurance industries, but plans to expand their services to different verticals.