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Data/List Monetization

Do you have data just sitting there doing nothing and earning not $0.01 of useful revenue?

We can work with your data using several models. The data origin and type will determine the best campaign for ROI. We work on a rev/share basis for all data monetization. Our reporting is transparent and readily available. There are no set-up charges and we work on a monthly payment cycle.

Don't let your data just loaf around! Make it get a job! Contact us today for more information.

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J&M Advertising Grows Again With the Addition of Three New Employees

Tampa Bay advertising firm J&M Advertising continues to expand their operations with the addition of three new full-time employees.

As J&M Advertising’s Online Marketing Specialist, Wes Rock drives our online exposure through SEO and Pay Per Click advertising. With several years in the automotive industry, Wes acquires thousands of leads though conceptualizing, building and managing several search engine marketing campaigns.


Tampa Bay Advertising Agency, J&M Advertising, Experiences 834% Growth Over Past Three Years

Tampa Bay Advertising Firm, J&M Advertising, has increased revenue from $1M to $7.9M over the past 3 years.

The success of J&M Advertising is due to many factors, including the addition of a new call center, internal lead verification services, and a web design and development team focused on generating online leads. J&M Advertising currently focuses on generating leads for the auto and insurance industries, but plans to expand their services to different verticals.